Water Removal Temecula

Nothing is more disheartening than seeing that puddle of water darkening the ceiling, or seeing the walls drenched with water coming from a leaky faucet or burst pipe. The first instinct of a homeowner in these situations is to call a restoration firm to remove the water as quickly as possible – but the question is, who should they hire?

We are Superior Restoration, the leading water removal agency in the Temecula area. We are a family-owned business that has been in the industry for over ten years, assisting clients and other contractors in the Inland Empire with every aspect of restoration. Our specialty is water damage, but we offer other restoration services as well in addition to the potential damage that flooding can cause. From mold inspection and remediation to contents restoration, we are here to service all of your restoration needs.

Flooding and leaks can cause severe damage to your home or property if left unchecked, wreaking havoc in your drywall, wooden beams and more. In an older home or one built with low-quality appliances, these types of problems usually only come to light after the fact, when the damage has already been done. After ensuring the safety of all inhabitants in the area, water removal is typically the first step in the restoration process. Water left around for 24-48 hours is almost certain to cause mold to develop, no matter how hot or cold the environment may be, as mold spores are constantly in the air. Only after the water has been removed can proper drying and dehumidification take place.

While water removal can seem like a basic task, there are many steps required for a proper restoration, as water can cause problems long after if every affected area is not treated and the environment properly ventilated and de-humidified. Since the cost for water removal can get relatively expensive in larger scale emergencies, trying to perform extraction on your own or going with a lower-priced company may seem like viable alternatives. But keep in mind that the potential ramifications of further untreated damage can cost much more in repairs down the road.

Since Superior Restoration is an IICRC certified water damage company, we operate by the highest standards in the industry and will not only make sure the job is done properly but that you are fully satisfied with the work performed. All of our technicians are licensed, bonded and insured to protect you, the consumer. We are approved to work with all of the major insurance companies. If you have any questions about the process please ask us anytime: 951-579-4096
We are here to service you and all water removal needs!

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Water Removal Temecula